Sifu Milos Drakulić: A Journey of Passion and Dedication

With over 30 years of experience in the world of martial arts, Sifu Milos Drakulić has embarked on a remarkable journey. His love for martial arts ignited more than three decades ago, taking him from disciplines like Kickboxing and Full Contact Karate to the profound arts of Wing Tsun and Escrima. Since 1994, Sifu Milos has been deeply immersed in the practice of both these martial arts.

While pursuing his studies in economics at the Free University of Berlin, he uncovered his true passion - teaching martial arts to others. For over 27 years, Sifu Milos has dedicated himself to the professional instruction of Wing Tsun and Escrima, drawing inspiration and knowledge from esteemed mentors such as Sifu Klaus Schildert, Grandmaster K. R. Kernspecht, and Grand Grandmaster Leung Ting.

Sifu Milos is the visionary founder, esteemed leader, and proud owner of Kampfkunstschulen Drakulić (KKSD). Under his guidance, Martial Arts Center Drakulić made its debut in Berlin, Germany, in 2006, expanding to a second location in 2010, and then a third in 2016.

Sifu Milos' indomitable spirit and dynamic teaching style have produced exceptional results. His dedication has been instrumental in introducing the vital subject of self-assertion into the curriculum of several schools across Berlin, leaving a lasting impact on his community.

Sifu Milos: An International Influence in Martial Arts

Sifu Milos Drakulić's expertise extends far beyond the dojo. His reputation has reached international proportions, particularly for his role in instructing special police units who consider him a trusted and proficient partner. Notably, Kampfkunstschulen Drakulić maintains an ongoing partnership with the SWAT–Team (Special Weapons And Tactics) of the Broward County Police Department in Florida.

Back in Germany, Sifu Milos has provided training to various police units, including the Special Forces (BFE), where his knowledge and skills have been highly regarded.

Sifu Milos also actively contributes to a health-improvement project at the Charité Hospital in Berlin, applying his wealth of experience to benefit others.

The core aim of his teachings remains the rapid enhancement of his students' well-being. Through his dedication and expertise, Sifu Milos has assembled and nurtured an accredited team of instructors, ensuring high-quality training and a promising future for Martial Arts Center Drakulić.