Martial arts and personal development

Wing Tsun: Unleash the Power of Natural Self-Defense

In Wing Tsun, we blend the art of effective self-defense with the fluidity of natural movements. From your very first lesson, you'll discover the art of defending yourself efficiently while enhancing your overall fitness. This traditional martial art, originating from China, offers an experience like no other.

Our Wing Tsun classes are conducted in groups, each student receiving personalized guidance and support. The self-defense system's unique and versatile approach is mastered through focused practice and an open willingness to let your body respond.

Wing Tsun systematically enhances not only physical strength but also cognitive abilities and mental flexibility. Our students learn specific concentration and relaxation techniques, along with beneficial breathing exercises.

One of the remarkable aspects of Wing Tsun is that it doesn't rely on sheer strength or endurance. Instead, it harnesses the existing potential within each student and their willingness to let their body respond, discover their inherent strength, and effectively use it.

The main point of the training is to learn a coordinated healthy way of moving and to sharpen awareness of self-defense.

Learning Wing Tsun gives the student a new appreciation of their body and a new level of self-confidence. Dedication to intensive training allows students to increase their confidence as they become aware of their abilities and potential. WT teaches you to direct the force of an attack against the attacker and to redirect the energy back against its source.

Wing Tsun is suitable for everyone.