Self-Defense For Kids – Wing Tsun Kids

Wing Tsun Kids: Empowering Confidence and Strength

At Wing Tsun Kids, we provide a safe and empowering environment for your children to flourish. Our program is designed to boost their self-confidence, giving them the courage to navigate life's challenges fearlessly.

We focus on teaching kids to stand up for themselves and others, without resorting to bullying. Through our specialized training, your child will develop essential self-defense skills, courage, and unwavering determination, all while having a blast and enhancing their physical fitness.

Join us in the journey of helping your child build not only physical strength but also the resilience and self-assuredness they need to thrive in the world.

Wing Tsun Kids teaches appropriate behaviors and techniques to react properly. Essential in Wing Tsun Kids is the exercise of concentration, coordination and balance. Through role play, children learn to demonstrate and mimic gestures. In exceptional circumstances (where it is not enough to calm the opponent down), the children learn to react and prevent harm.
Another purpose of Wing Tsun Kids training is to let the children live out their natural need for movement.

The entire program has been developed in cooperation with different experts such as educators, law enforcement personnel, physical thrapists and occupational therapists.
Wing Tsun Kids is a beneficial leisure activity with plenty of fun and a positive effect on your child’s health.