Feel Safe and Confident!

At Martial Arts Center Drakulić, we're dedicated to empowering women by enhancing their self-confidence and equipping them with effective self-defense skills.

Our training sessions are designed to simulate everyday scenarios, providing practical skills that can be applied in real-life situations. What sets us apart is our exclusive women's training sessions, ensuring a comfortable and stress-free environment for women to begin their martial arts journey.

Through our specialized training, women can rapidly develop a sense of self-confidence and personal safety, often after just a few sessions. Join us and take the first steps towards self-empowerment and self-defense proficiency.

More Than Martial Arts

Martial Arts Schools Drakulic places a strong emphasis on self-defense for women.
Members will achieve and develop composure within.
You will use the skills learned to detain assailants. Women will successfully abandon "victimization".
Realistic self–defense for women shows you how to trust your intuition and react confidently in any given situation.

Strong Dynamic Women!

This training offers you various ways to make you feel confident. Practicing with a training partner improves your coordination, working out relieve stress and strengthens the body. Your fighting spirit and your confidence is built by self-defense exercises.
As a result of our training you will feel better and have a renewed confidence in your daily life.